Now is not the time to give up. Let's restore Roe , protect Obergefell, and win back our rights.

If We Fight, We Will Win.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build power to restore Roe, protect our fundamental rights, and strengthen our democracy.

PACtheBench is a new kind of political action committee. We are building a Democratic Party -at all levels - that will do whatever is necessary to restore our rights, including packing the Supreme Court with additional Justices.

Our strategy is to "build the bench" of elected officials who support our cause.

We are on the verge of a crisis of confidence in the Supreme Court…We have to take this challenge head on, and everything is on the table to do that.

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Our Strategy

Our strategy is a three-prong attack on politics-as-usual. It starts local and it starts with you.
A Brief History of Court Packing

In 1937, New Deal Democrats and President Franklin D. Roosevelt faced a crisis like none before. A Supreme Court, controlled by big businesses and social conservatives, was blocking the ability of the Federal Government to provide relief to millions of Americans during the Great Depression and in the process threatening the very foundation of our democracy. 

In response, President Roosevelt devised a powerful plan: seek Congressional approval to add new justices. While Congress did not ultimately pass the Judicial Procedures Reform Bill of 1937, the result nonetheless was a clear success. Supreme Court Justice Owen Roberts, recognizing that the legitimacy of the institution was under threat, took action and flipped his support in favor of the New Deal. 

We Face Multiple Catastrophic Crises Today

From the removal of abortion access as a constitution right to frustrating carbon emission regulations, the Republican-controlled Supreme Court is denying and obstructing common-sense policies supported by huge majorities of the American people. We need a Democratic Party that will do whatever it takes to win back our rights, including the option to pack the Supreme Court by adding new Justices. Our fundamental rights are not to be negotiated with extremist Republicans.

Packing the Bench by Building the Bench

To build pressure behind this agenda, we are supporting candidates at the local, state, and federal levels that are strong advocates for our rights and are advocates for packing the Supreme Court.

In addition, we believe legislative efforts are necessary to enshrine the right to abortion access, contraceptives, and to address climate change at the local, state, and federal levels.

PACtheBench is dedicated to building power up and down the ballot, to “build the bench” of strong leaders who will advance our cause  – no matter what.

We Are Political Campaign and Policy Professionals

We are a team of experienced political professionals, and we are ready for this fight. Our team has worked on the highest profile and most grassroots-driven campaigns in modern political history, including Sen. Bernie Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign.

We Need Strong Action

Join us today! Let's win back our rights and face this crisis together. 

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We Empower

We are searching out strong advocates running for office at the local, state, and federal levels and provide the funding and community they need to win.

We Pressure

Our goal is to help push the Democratic Party to not only accept, but require, our elected officials to support an aggressive approach to restoring our rights.

We Activate

We are a small-dollar, grassroots funded movement. We are activating young people and the politically discouraged to re-engage with our political system with hope and energy.

Join the Fight

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"We have, therefore, reached the point as a nation where we must take action to save the Constitution from the Court and the Court from itself.... We want a Supreme Court which will do justice under the Constitution and not over it."

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Donate Today

Click on an amount to get started. If you’ve saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately.**